Max Franklin

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Willem de Kooning Academie
2020 - current // Rotterdam, NL
Lecturer in Graphic Design department

Paris College of Art
2014 - current // Paris, FR
Faculty Member in Foundation, Communication Design and Master's in Transdisciplinary New Media departments

École Européenne des Métiers de l'Internet
2018 - 2019 // Paris, FR
Faculty Member in Graphic Design department


Piet Zwart Institute
2016 - 2018 // Rotterdam, NL
Master's in Media Design : Experimental Publishing

Conservatorium of Sydney (University of Sydney)
2009 // Sydney, AU
Bachelor Jazz Performance (Saxophone) & Creative Sound Engineering


Thresholds of the Algorithmic
Algorithms that Matter
2018 // Bergen, NO
Workshop-in-Exposition is a hybrid format that places the workshop inside an exhibition context, where the exposed works and artefacts form the basis of the workshop’s activity.

Get a Room Residency
2018 // Sydney, AU
Research residency around Master's research on Software and Improvisation.


Sounds to See
Sign Gallery
2019 // Groningen, NL
Group exhibition. Presented A Container in Two Movements.

Autonomous Archive
Het Nieuw Instituut
2017 // Rotterdam, NL
Archival machine, installation and research project centred around autonomous living and archival practices. Presented alongside the Architecture of Appropriation exhibition.

TGC#3 : Euclid
De Player
2017 // Rotterdam, NL
Experimental sound publication object and performative instrument. Collaborative project between De Player and the Piet Zwart Experimental Publishing unit.

Saatchi Gallery
2016 // London, UK
International art lab organised by Raul Marroquin around the theme of Low Tech.

Festival de Projets Scolaires
La Gaîté lyrique
2016 // Paris, FR
Partnership workshop show with Paris College of Art students and faculty.

*Mi Gallery
Paris Digital Week
2015 // Paris, FR
Collaborative piece presented at *Mi Gallery as part of Paris Digital Week.

Barcu Art Fair
2015 // Bogota, CO
Presentation via Skype on Collaborative Art, Interactivity and Improvisation.


2018 - active
Solo act employing custom open source software instruments and improvised saxophone.

Presented :

  • North Sea Jazz Around Town
    2018 // Rotterdam, NL
    2018 // Rotterdam, NL

Post Toast
2018 - active
Electronic duo currently playing a live meld of improvised electronica, techno, hip-hop neo-classical music and down-tempo dystopian futurism.

Presented :

  • POST TOAST on Red Light Radio
    Redlight Radio
    2018 // Amsterdam, NL

Shaolin Afronauts
2012 – 2014 // Australia
Sideman on “Quest under Capricorn” and “Follow the Path”

Debonair Gentlemen
2009 – 2012 // Australia
Leftfield jazz trio

Professional Experience

Willem de Kooning Academie
2018 // Rotterdam, NL
Publication Station teaching and technical assistant

Freelance Graphic Designer
2009 – 2014 // Sydney, AU
Web-design, poster and album design

Linear Recording
2009 – 2010 // Sydney, AU
Assistant Sound Engineer