fragile mastery

Fragile Mastery is structured around conversations I had with my peers who are improvising musicians, supported by research on software, improvisation, and collective practices. These bodies of research are applied to my own works and my improvisational practice involving software and music. My interest in software and improvisation has lead me to ask, how can improvisation augment my practice involving music and software?

Fragile Mastery is the title of my master's thesis which now forms the basis of my work outside of a performance practice. Manifestations of this research have taken the form of printed material, digital intrusions into music performance tools and spaces, installations, and sound recordings. It also heavily influences my pedagogical pursuits where I try and re-consider implications of mastery and value within the institutions of a university, classroom, workshop or residency.

My thesis is freely available on my git repository. It was designed for print using all open source tools, and generated using custom scripts which can also be found on my git.